To say It's been an active couple of weeks of severe weather would be an understatement. Tuesday marked the 13th consecutive day of tornados in the central U.S., with now well over 400 tornado reports in total. 

We even had a couple weak, brief touchdowns in far southeastern Minnesota Monday. 

Unfortunately, Wednesday looks to be another active day to the south. One of the interesting trends we're seeing with climate change is that the annual, total number of tornadoes has remained constant but we're seeing fewer outbreaks.

That being said, when we do see those severe storms and outbreaks they are producing more individual tornadoes than in the past.  but when we do see severe storms, they're producing more tornadoes than in the past. Another trend we talked about last month is that while the core of tornado alley is seeing fewer tornadoes, areas further east that are outside of 'traditional tornado alley' (Tennessee, Kentucky) are seeing an increase in twisters.