GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - There's plenty of Christmas traditions, but here's one perhaps one you haven't heard of: the "Christmas Pickle."

It involves hanging a pickle ornament on a Christmas tree. The first child to find the pickle gets an extra present.

If an adult is the first to sport it, they will apparently be the recipient of good fortune in the new year.

The "Christmas Pickle" was thought to be a German tradition, however that was debunked by a New York Times survey that showed barely anyone in Germany had ever heard of the Christmas gherkin.

So, no one really knows where the tradition comes from. The most solid theory is that it's a marketing gimmick.

In the late 1880's American stores began selling glass ornaments imported from Germany in the shapes of fruits and vegetables. It's unclear why, but the pickle caught on as a Christmas ornament.

Maybe because it's green and hard to find in a tree.

However there are two other common stories linking the pickle to Christmas.

One features a soldier in the Civil War who was born in Germany. He was taken prisoner and begged a guard for one last pickle before he died. Amazingly, the pickle gave him the mental and physical strength to live. When the soldier returned to his family, he started the tradition of hiding a pickle on the Christmas tree every year.

The other legend of the pickle is connected to St. Nicholas, who found two young boys trapped in a pickle barrel and set them free.

But it's most likely that an ornament salesman, with a lot of spare pickles to sell, invented the legend of the "Christmas Pickle."