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Three easy steps to shifting the energy in your space

Mindset coach JC Lippold talks about how to bring the "cruising in your car vibe" right into your home on this week's "Kozy with KARE."

MINNEAPOLIS — With so much time spent indoors working, it has a lot of us looking to get creative with how we shift the energy in our space. 

"How often do we use the image of rolling the top down, hopping in the car, and just driving. Turning up the music and being in that space," says JC Lippold.

JC Lippold is a mindset coach. He says that feeling of hitting the open road is something you can actually re-create right in your own home when you need a break. 

"Step one is to take the time to wash your face," he says. "Give yourself that crispness - the cold water making you breathe in a different way."

Face washed. Check.

"Step two, opening up your windows," he says. "Even if it is chilly out so you can feel that fresh air, so you can smell that fresh air."

The third step? Turning on the tunes.

"All of a sudden for even five minutes - face washed, windows open, music on - it'll put you in that same sensory experience that we desire, that we hunger for. Being in that open, free space," JC says.

So look, this might not magically solve all your problems, but JC says it's a chance to take a few moments for yourself in the midst of whatever it is you have going on. 

"You are your most important meeting of the day," he says, "When you remind yourself of that - that you're the most important meeting of the day - everything else gets easier, everything else gets brighter, everything else gets more potent. Your co-workers, your family get to see the best of you because you've seen the best of you first."

JC just launched an app that is focused on mindset and movement. More information about the app is available here. 

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