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TikTok Doc's Tips for a Safe Halloween

The number one question TikTok famous doc Dr. Rose Marie Leslie is getting right now from parents: "Can my kids go trick-or-treating this year?"

MINNEAPOLIS — 2020 has already taken a lot from of us, and some people are adamant that Halloween should remain Halloween. You know, kids going trick-or-treating door-to-door and adults drinking spiked ciders, hoping people understand their costume choice, or lack-thereof.

But with the ongoing pandemic, is it safe to let your kids enjoy a traditional Halloween? Alicia Lewis caught up with internet-famous TikTok doc Dr. Rose Marie Leslie, who says you might want to hold off on your big party plans.

"If you're going to get together with your friends, make sure it's just a couple of people outdoors, six feet apart with a mask on," said Dr. Leslie. "No big parties unfortunately this year!"

She says just because we can't all get together doesn't mean we have to completely cancel Halloween.

Dr. Leslie says the number one question she's getting right now from parents is, "can I bring my kids trick-or-treating?"

"As long as the neighbors have provided individual goody bags for kids," she said. "So with a couple of pieces of candy or a toy or something, and then people can walk around the neighborhood and pick up a little bag or something like that from a neighbor's house, that is limiting interaction with people close together," said Dr. Leslie.

Halloween masks won't cut it either. Dr. Leslie says unless it's a COVID-19 safe mask, she recommends wearing a facemask under the costume. Or better yet, incorporate it into your costume this year.