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It's more than just dancing: TikTok Resumes could be the future for job seekers

Looking for a job? Your paper resume may become a thing of the past. TikTok users are posting their resumes online in hopes of landing their next big gig.

MINNEAPOLIS — Looking for a job? 

Your paper resume may become a thing of the past, and you can thank TikTok for that. 

The social platform launched "TikTok Resumes" where put yourself out there on video in hopes of landing your next gig. 

Giselle Ugarte found her calling and now her full-time career through the app. Today she's an online performance coach helping entrepreneurs and execs feel comfortable with social media and short form videos.

"People don't realize when you upload to TikTok you are guaranteed to put your content in front of other people that don't follow you and that is the magic," Giselle said, also noting that some of those people watching could be potential employers.

"What kids need to start thinking about is who is your audience?" said Giselle. "It shouldn't just be your friends, it should also be 'Who do I want to hire me? Who do I want to buy from me?'"

Although the app is popular among the younger crowd, Giselle says it's not just kids on this app.

"We need to get out of the mindset of 'we're too old for this' because at this point 70% of the app is over the age of 20 and more than 40% is over the age of 30, so TikTok is not just kids and it's definitely not just dancing," said Giselle. 

Giselle adds that employers are eager to see the real YOU. Not the perfected version. The real, genuine, authentic individual you are and the content you post could be the deciding factor on whether you're hired or not. 

"If your feed looks like a dumpster fire… that's on you because we are going to see more of that recommendation. So you get to decide if your social media makes you feel better or feel worse," said Giselle. "Hopefully you use it as a tool to get more creative and foster better relationships that you take online as well as offline." 

Giselle says having intention and purpose with your posts can make all the difference. 

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