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Twin Cities family compares school supply prices before COVID

It's time to stock up on those back to school essentials. A family from Little Canada found last year's supplies receipt and we're comparing it to COVID-era prices

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn — It's no secret that students are eager to go back-to school.

"I look forward to seeing all the people I couldn't really see during quarantine," said Annika Watrud, a soon-to-be 6th grader from Little Canada. 

Annika will be doing a hybrid of in-person and distance learning and has been counting down the days since her middle school in Northeast Minneapolis ended abruptly due to COVID-19. 

Since we are still in the midst of the pandemic, back-to-school shopping this year looks a bit different.  

"With COVID going on it... made more sense to just go to one place this year," said Annika's dad Derrick Watrud. 

"Definitely! That's what I was afraid of too even just bringing her there I was kinda nervous about it all go to one place and try to get it all done," said Annika's mom Beth Watrud. 

The Watrud's went to Target with two kids and two separate supply lists.

Credit: Derrick Watrud

"I've got some folders, notebooks, glue sticks and highlighters, pens.. just all of the necessities," Annika said. 

What many parents don't realize until the checkout counter is that the necessities can really start to add up. 

"When I was looking at the receipt it was just all of those 50 cents, I was adding it all up and between the two kids it was $150 dollars I believe which was surprising I didn't think it would be that much," said Derrick. 

Credit: Derrick Watrud

When comparing this years receipt to last years, before the pandemic, a lot of the prices stayed the same.

"I would say it was the same, of course this year we went a lot earlier," said Derrick. 

The Watrud's said the most challenging item to find on everyone's back-to-school shopping list this year is likely hand sanitizer. 

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