The Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is considering making some more changes at Bde Maka Ska on Wednesday.

For the first time, the board will discuss changing the names of streets and parkways surrounding the lake from 'Calhoun' to 'Bde Maka Ska.'

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At 5 p.m., a Park Board committee will vote on the name changes.

If approved, three meetings or readings would be required before the changes are finalized. 

In total, four roads could be renamed, plus Lake Calhoun Park.

Proposed name changes at Bde Maka Ska

In April, the state Court of Appeals ruled that the DNR commissioner exceeded his authority when he changed the name of the lake last year.

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The agency said it would file an appeal with the state Supreme Court.

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If the committee votes to rename the roads, the Park Board would allow 45 days for public comment and hold a public hearing by August 7th.