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'House of Sol' creating space for women to cultivate health and happiness

Holistic health coach Jocelyn Lovick talks about her mission to help women connect.

MINNEAPOLIS — Jocelyn Lovick is hoping to empower women in her work as a holistic health coach.

"I work with women individually to look at what are your specific goals, and how do we approach those goals with love and compassion," Lovick says. "Really encouraging women to find movement that is rooted in joy, expressions of joy, and not as a punishment to things we ate."

Lovick has created a space called House of Sol.

"Through individual and group coaching programs, after school programs, workshops and online courses, House of Sol supports women and adolescent girls on their journey towards leading healthier and happier lives," Lovick says.

"My dream for House of Sol and the girls and women that enter that space is that they engage in kind of an unlearning process, where we’re able to sort of rid ourselves of those really unhealthy standards of beauty and health and reclaim our worth based on a definition that we set for ourselves."

Lovick is also currently a Program Coordinator at Southwest High School in Minneapolis and spent a number of years teaching Spanish. She also started an after school program focused on female fitness and empowerment at Patrick Henry High School and Southwest High School. 

"I really believe in the innate wisdom of all women and that we hold within us the light to really kind of guide our path towards health and happiness," Lovick says.