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Kat Perkins offering 'curbside concerts' during pandemic

Kat Perkins talks about her latest creation to share her music in this week's Women Crushing It Wednesday.

MINNEAPOLIS — Live music has become essentially non-existent during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"It’s been a few months to re-frame and re-imagine things," says Kat Perkins. 

Kat Perkins, the former NBC's The Voice contestant, has used this time to get creative in the way she shares her music. 

She's started offering what she calls "Curbside Concerts with Kat Perkins." Fans log onto her website, pick a date and time, and then Kat shows up in a truck outside their place and performs live music. 

"It’s me and a guitar player that comes along with me and stands on the side of my truck and I’m in the back of the truck," she says. "I started to love it so much and it started to inspire me so much every day – and to be able to connect with my fans on a way more intimate level and in their neighborhood."

Kat says she's enjoyed it so much that these "curbside concerts" may become something she continues to offer when the live music scene begins to pick back up. 

"I would love for my festivals and my tours and everything to come back. Hopefully one day they will and I’ll jump back on those, but I don’t think I will ever take this new element out of it because it is so different and so fulfilling," she says. 

And stay tuned, she's tossing around the possibility of launching a Christmas music version in the winter.