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Soul Bowl gives away meals during COVID pandemic

Soul Bowl, located in the North Loop of Minneapolis, has given away over a thousand meals to those in need.

MINNEAPOLIS — Soul Bowl, located in the Graze Food Hall of the North Loop in Minneapolis, is putting a modern twist on southern and Caribbean food. 

"It’s our millennial spin on old school southern cooking," says Brittney Klass, Soul Bowl co-owner and general manager. 

Like all restaurants, Soul Bowl has felt the effects of COVID-19, but has turned the difficult time into an opportunity to give back. They launched "Food For Your Soul", which is a free meal program geared towards families in need. "We definitely wanted to find a way that we could help support those families that are in need in the community," Brittney says. "A lot of the schools were doing free lunches but there was nothing for dinners or adults."

Brittney says they've been giving away as many as 80 to 100 meals a week and are well into the thousands of meals handed out since "Food For Your Soul" launched. 

The food has come from their restaurant and Brittney says some vendors have donated food. Brittney and her husband also teamed up with their church to help with donations, she says.

"It got pretty scary for a little bit there. We told our friends and we told our family we’re going to serve until we can’t serve anymore. So, if we go down because we’re giving food, then we’re going to go down, but we’re going to go down swinging," Brittney says. 

Brittney says they plan to continue "Food For You Soul".

Soul Bowl is now open for dining in at the Graze Food Hall near Target Field. 

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