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Wildhive sparks pop-up dance movement

Wildhive Founder Mollie Krengel is this week's Women 'Crushing It Wednesday - her mission is to connect people with themselves through dance.

MINNEAPOLIS — Wildhive is a dance experience that can be a little tough to describe without actually giving it a try. 

"They’re pop-up mini adventures," says Wildhive Founder Mollie Krengel. 

Wildhive started in 2015 and has been giving people an opportunity to come together as a community and dance in different venues across the Twin Cities - all of which intentionally don't have any mirrors. "It’s not about doing things technical, it’s not about how it looks, it’s about how it feels," she says. 

Mollie says Wildhive is an opportunity for those attending to re-connect to their inner sense of play and return to why dance was originally created. "It was celebration, it was connection, community, expression," she says. 

Mollie says she tries to offer around two different Wildhive events every month and has had to shift to virtual experiences amidst COVID-19. She's also offering "Outdoor Mini-Mini" Wildhives with a maximum of ten people. Even though the format has been adjusted, the core message of Wildhive remains the same. 

"I like to think of Wildhive as a way to really embody the positive feelings that you start to feel as you get moving and grooving and feeling the music," Mollie says. "We all have our own magic, it’s all in there. We don’t need to be taught anything, it’s in there waiting to be woken up."

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