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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Amy Grabow

The Founder of All the Feels talks about her mission to turn blankets into support for youth in need.

MINNEAPOLIS — A blanket is more than just a piece of fabric. 

"When you think about when you were a kid, your blanket is what brought you comfort," Amy Grabow says. "It has a very emotional attachment to it."

Grabow launched All the Feels in 2017, which is all about using blankets as a way of giving back. 

"It’s a brand that’s rooted in kindness and in giving," she says. 

For every blanket that they sell they give another one away, or the monetary equivalent, to non-profits serving youth in need. Grabow says they have six non-profits that they're working with and have, to date, donated $333,000 to them. 

While the impact has been great, Grabow admits that being an entrepreneur has been a challenge at times. "Where nobody is on board with your ideas or sometimes you doubt whether or not your ideas are good and valid," she says. 

When those times have forced her to consider taking a break from operating All the Feels, Grabow says there's always been moments that remind her the importance of the work she's doing. 

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"There will be a new story about somebody that volunteered their time and made a difference and they’re making an impact and I will sit there with almost tears in my eyes going – I’ve got to keep it going," Grabow says. "Just listen for those signs because they will be there and will help give you the energy to keep going."

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You can buy All the Feels blankets on their website and also on Amazon

Grabow says they have plans to broaden their products beyond just blankets at some point.