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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Ashley Mary

Artist and designer Ashley Mary is spreading her bright and bold artwork across the country.

MINNEAPOLIS — Playful. Patterns. Bright colors. 

That's a pretty good way to sum up the work of artist and designer Ashley Mary. 

"I try to come to my canvas with a lot of playfulness," Mary said. 

Hubbed out of an artist space in northeast Minneapolis, Mary's work takes many different forms, including paintings, murals and even stationery.

"Painting doesn’t feel like it’s work for me," Mary said. "It’s part of my identity and how I understand myself and how I understand the world and how I process my experiences in the world."

"The best thing about art and being a creative is it can look entirely different every single time and there’s no right or wrong way," she added. "As long as it feels true to what you want to do and what brings you good energy."

You can learn more about Ashley Mary and her art on her website

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