MINNETONKA, Minn. — Megan Peterson's face lights up when you mention her mom, Nancy Jo Weinberger.

"She was an amazing lady," Megan says. "Really, just so selfless."

Nancy was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer in November 2015.

"We knew from the beginning that it wasn't looking good, but she fought real hard," Megan says.

After a long fight, Nancy passed away in February of 2017. 

"She had always told me - take your grief and do something good with it," Megan says. 

Nancy loved giving care baskets to people, so Megan and her dad decided to launch the nonprofit organization Baskets from JoJo, which delivers baskets to cancer patients in the hospital. The baskets have a number of things in them to help support patients as they go through treatment - everything from essential oils, to tea, to free hospital parking passes. 

Baskets from JoJo

"Just really wanted to focus on giving something to adult cancer patients," Megan says. "They’re not alone in this journey."

Megan was able to tell her mom Nancy while she was in hospice care about her plan to launch a nonprofit in her honor. 

"She was overcome with emotion," Megan says. "She said, 'I’m going to take a magic wand from heaven and I’m going to bless each basket and send all my love to each patient that receives it.'"

Megan says they have delivered around 230 baskets to patients so far. 

Baskets from JoJo is holding its annual golf fundraiser on September 16th at Bent Creek Golf Course in Eden Prairie.