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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Emily Norling

A Northeast Minneapolis mom talks about mission to eliminate mess of playing with babies outside.

MINNEAPOLIS — Last summer Emily Norling was up to her elbows in dirty clothes after playing with her daughter outside. 

"There was a pile of soiled pants from my baby that we had just been stripping off left and right because we’d been playing outside all day and she was getting wet and she was getting dirty," Emily says. 

To help solve the problem Emily invented RubyScootz, which are bottoms designed for babies who crawl and scoot outside.

"It’s a pant with waterproof panels, nylon waterproof panels, that are ergonomically placed for the point of contact on the ground to keep them dry and comfortable during outside play," Emily says. 

Emily says she taught herself to sew in the early stages as she brought the product to life. "You can teach yourself anything you don't know," she says. 

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RubyScootz comes in two different versions for ages six to eighteen months.

"I just want to try and take some of the hesitation away from parents from bringing their babies outside to play," Emily says. "You play, you come in, clean up, you get dirty again, clean up, go back out and you’re not worrying about constantly changing clothes and stains."

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