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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Erica Campbell

Executive Director of the Pinky Swear Foundation is using personal connection to cancer to fuel her mission to help kids and their families who've been diagnosed.

EDINA, Minn. — There is deep purpose fueling Erica Campbell's work. 

"I have a dream job and I love it," she says. 

Erica is the Executive Director of the Pinky Swear Foundation, which helps kids with cancer and their families with financial and emotional support.

"We will come in and pay the family's mortgage, help pay their rent, a car payment, gas to get to and from treatment or groceries to put food on the table," she says as she describes some of the ways they help. 

"To me, this work is so important and so personal because I’ve seen it firsthand," she says. 

Erica's mom had breast cancer for four years. 

"I held my mom’s hand when she passed away, and that changes a person," Erica says. 

Then, just last year, Erica was diagnosed with breast cancer herself. She underwent a double mastectomy and is now cancer free. 

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That experience is now another personal connection to the disease that she's able to bring to her work, which has also included volunteering for children with cancer for twenty years as a camp counselor. 

"I keep wanting to make my mom proud, I keep wanting to make all those kids I’ve helped proud and I keep wanting to make a difference," Erica says. 

There is more information on how you can donate and volunteer with the Pinky Swear Foundation on their website

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