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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Jessica Mae

The founder and creative director of beauty agency WarPaint International is celebrating beauty well below the surface.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. — If you need your makeup done last minute, Jessica Mae is a good person to have in your contacts. 

Mae is the founder and creative director of WarPaint International - a beauty agency that will hook you up with makeup artists and hairstylists wherever and whenever you need them. 

Based in the Twin Cities, the company is also located in cities like New York City and Los Angeles. 

The "why" behind her work as a makeup artist? Mae grew up with a sister who has special needs. 

"I grew up with the blessing of really seeing what true beauty is," Mae said. "I really wanted to bring that inner beauty out in my clients."

Mae says makeup isn't just about making things look beautiful on the outside, but also tapping into the beauty that resides within. 

"You are beautiful," she said. "No matter what shape, size, texture, length of hair. Whatever you’re going through - love yourself for where you’re at today because the only person you have to be better than is who you were yesterday."

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