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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Jody Winter

Winter is the owner and founder of Cornerstone Studios, a co-working space for small businesses in the wedding industry.

MINNEAPOLIS — Cornerstone Studios is a special place for Jody Winter.

"The community of people in here mean everything to me," she says. "They represent an idea that has come to fruition, they represent people in my life that are willing to leap and take risks."

After three years working in the hair and makeup industry, Winter decided to open up Cornerstone Studios in Northeast Minneapolis to not only have a place for her business to be housed, but to help nurture and support other creatives in the wedding and event industry. 

Cornerstone Studios is a co-working space that currently houses twenty one creative businesses - everything from florists, to photographers, to hair and makeup artists. 

"I’m hoping that this space provides a place for the creative entrepreneur to grow and develop their businesses in the way that makes sense for them," Winter says. 

Winter has certainly learned some life lessons throughout the process of starting her own business. 

"Everyone is kind of on the roller coaster of life. There’s going to be ups and downs and turns and twists and the biggest thing that I can say to somebody who’s maybe on their own adventure is to just not get off the ride," she says. "Just see it through to the end."