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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Lauren VanScoy

The Founder of Essence One talks about her mission to create a space to take a deep breath and talk about mental health.

ROSEVILLE, Minn. — Lauren VanScoy is using her own personal journey as inspiration to help others.

"It’s kind of a story of something really difficult that turned into something amazing," she says. 

As a new mom, Lauren started experiencing struggles with her mental health. 

"I was a year after my second child going through a lot of anxiety and depression and just trying to figure out a natural way to deal with that, so aromatherapy was something that really helped me," Lauren says.

Lauren says she went to school to study aromatherapy and began teaching others how to make products that had been so beneficial to her. When people started asking her to just make the products for them - and that they'd pay her for them - Essence One came to life.

Essence One makes all natural bath and body products with aromatherapy benefits - and then everything is scented with essential oils or herbs. They create a number of products - from natural deodorant, to lotions, to shower steamers that release essential oils in the shower.  

"I think the most rewarding moments are when somebody smells something and you can see that their body just relaxes," Lauren says.

At the core of Essence One is what got it started in the first place. 

"I wanted to make sure that mental health was the forefront of our message," she says. 

Essence One donates money to the national organization Bring Change to Mind and is helping fund mental health clubs in high schools. 

Lauren says she hopes that people find her products helpful in their own personal recipe to managing their mental health - and that her story encourages others to talk about what they're struggling with. 

"I always think that the first day that I started to heal was the first day I shared what I was going through," Lauren says. "Be vulnerable. You can find your people. You can find the people that will help you. You can help other people."

You can buy Essence One products online and also in stores like Six for Good at Rosedale Center.