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Livea helping people on their weight loss journey

Livea Weight Control Centers CEO Heather Holmberg talks about how they're helping people hone in on their health in this week's Women Crushing It Wednesday.

MINNEAPOLIS — Losing weight can be a really tough and complex road for a lot of people. Heather Holmberg gets to witness some really momentous moments along that journey. 

"What motivates me are the smiles on peoples’ faces. The small celebrations. The feeling our employees get when they’ve changed someone’s life," she says. 

Heather is the CEO of Livea Weight Loss Centers, which was founded back in 2009. 

"We’re comprised of registered dietitians and nutritionists and most importantly people that really care about making a difference," Heather says. "It’s not just about weight loss. We know that 80% of effective weight loss is through nutrition, but mental and physical health is incredibly important for long term results."

Ultimately, Heather says she wants people to feel supported as they become more mindful of their health.