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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Molly Hanten

The COO of Alchemy 365 talks about the mission behind the group fitness company.

MINNEAPOLIS — Molly Hanten has seen Alchemy 365 grow in a big way.

"The fastest blur and the most magical blur of my life," Hanten says.

Since opening five years ago in the North Loop of Minneapolis, Alchemy now has five locations in Minnesota and two in Colorado. 

Hanten is currently the Chief Operating Officer of the company and one of five founders. 

Alchemy offers fitness classes that begin and end with yoga, and are filled with either ten or twenty minutes of high intensity training. 

"We get to end class stretching out our bodies and making sure that we’re actually taking care of ourselves," Hanten says.  "Our sole purpose is to help people feel alive and change their lives for the better through fitness."

Hanten says Alchemy plans to continue growing, while staying attached to their mission. 

"That strength you can find in your physical body is something that is so impactful in the rest of your life when you leave this space," she says. 

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