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Women 'Crushing It' Wednesday: Rosie Jablonsky

The Owner of Curl Power Salon talks about her mission to help others embrace their curl.
Credit: KARE 11

EDINA, Minn. — Rosie Jablonsky is well aware of the messaging that some people with curly hair are getting. 

"Unfortunately people with curly hair have often been told that their hair is too much or ugly or unmanageable," she says.

That's why she opened up Curl Power Salon - a placed specifically for people with "naturally textured hair".

"What we really want to offer is a space that listens to people’s stories about their hair because hair is so much more than just a cut," Rosie says. "It has to do with our identity and how we feel about ourselves."

In addition to haircuts with stylists who specialize in curls, the salon offers education for children and families on how to take care of their hair. They even offer Curl Camp - where kids and their caregivers come into the salon together for a workshop where parents learn how to take care of their kid's hair. 

Rosie is also working to promote positive language for how to talk about curly hair. 

According to Rosie - about 65-70% of people have textured hair of some kind - whether that's wavy, curly, or super curly. 

"You’re in the majority you curly-haired people," Rosie laughs. "It’s time to start being able to care for ourselves naturally so that we don’t have to spend a lot of energy wishing we were something else."

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