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Kris Lindahl real estate files trademark application for signature arm pose

Lindahl is looking to trademark the "depiction of a human shown from chest up" with "arms outstretched."

MINNEAPOLIS — If you've ever lived, walked, or driven around the Twin Cities, chances are you're familiar with Kris Lindahl.

The real estate agent's billboards, complete with a photo of Lindahl's smiling face and the promise of a guaranteed offer for your home, are plastered above streets across town.

But the defining factor of Lindahl's marketing campaign is the arms. Outstretched arms that span the entire width of a billboard and even inspired a choreographed song and dance routine.

And while some might consider Lindahl already "famous" around the area for his commitment to the bit, the realtor has taken the next step to literally trademark his signature pose.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Lindahl Realty, L.L.C. filed a trademark application with the agency on June 22, 2022.

The application explains that Lindahl is looking to trademark the "depiction of a human shown from chest up, smiling and looking straight ahead, with arms outstretched slightly higher than perpendicular to the torso and fingers splayed."

See below.

According to documents filed with the patent office, the trademark would apply to real estate agencies, brokerage services, business and education development tools and other real estate-adjacent services.

It's the first step in what will likely be a lengthy process. Notes on the trademark file say that the new application will be assigned to an examining attorney about six months after the filing date.

Time will tell if the patent office welcomes Lindahl's request with open arms.

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