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Lake McCarrons Beach in Roseville closed after high E. Coli levels

The beach will have to be tested again next week before any reopening plans.

ROSEVILLE, Minn. — Beach season has arrived in the Land of 10,000 lakes but Lake McCarrons Beach in Roseville's starting off closed to the public.

"Ramsey County has an environmental team and they do weekly testing," Ramsey County Parks and Recreation Director Mark McCabe said. 

Unfortunately, McCabe said Lake McCarron did not pass the E. Coli test this past week with flying colors.

"We found out the test was above the allowable levels so we have to close the beach for one week until we are able to retest," McCabe said. "That's the time frame allowable levels typically dissipate."

"We have had other instances where typically E. Coli is more prevalent early in our season," he continued. "There have been other times where we had positive tests above the normal range, this early, but this heat exacerbates the situation."

In terms of where the E. Coli came from? Well, nature.

"E. Coli can be found in the natural bodies of water," McCabe said. "With this warm weather that we're experiencing, they're replicating quite quickly and it can also come from animal waste."

Definitely not the thing you want to be swimming in, in case you ingest it.

"E. Coli can make people quite sick and it can be deadly," McCabe said. "People will experience indigestion, diarrhea so we don't want anybody to get that, and we want to protect the public best we can."

While it is a bummer that the beach will remain closed for the next few days, McCabe says residents in that area aren't completely out of options.

"We have nine public beaches, this one we provide lifeguard service at-- the other beaches are unguarded," McCabe said. "People can go during the posted hours of operation. It is a good selection and option for people free of cost to the public."

If natural bodies of water aren't your jam? There's always the pool in Ramsey County.

"We do actually have a water park at Battle Creek Regional Park and that is opening this Saturday," McCabe said. "So we'd love to see you out there."

Lake McCarrons will be tested again on Tuesday and pending those results, the county's park board will reopen the beach.