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Checking in with Nala, the elevator riding care center teacup poodle

Boyd Huppert catches up with Nala and her human, Doug Dawson.

ST PAUL, Minn. — During this time of "stay at home" we are reconnecting each week with old friends from Boyd Huppert’s Land of 10,000 Stories. 

This week, we are checking in with Nala, a teacup poodle who rides the elevator to visit her friends at Lyngblomsten Care Center in St. Paul.  

Nala’s 2015 story has been viewed more than 7 million times online. She became a celebrity inside and outside her nursing home.

This week, via video chat, Boyd checked in on Nala and her human, Doug Dawson.

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BOYD: And there she is! And there's Doug! Doug so good to see you.

DOUG: Hello, good to see you.

BOYD: Tell me what Nala is up to.

DOUG: She works every day at the care center, but she's been on home quarantine since all of that (COVID-19). Since she's a social butterfly, we don't want her spreading anything.

BOYD: Does she miss her friends?

DOUG: Yes, she does, they miss her like this sun. I mean, she's better than a pill. They're waiting on her right now as we speak.

BOYD: How old is Nala? 

DOUG: Nala is 10 years old. Her birthday's August 1st. Lyngblomsten throws a party every year. There's more people at her party than my party.

BOYD: Is 10-year-old Nala any different than 5-year-old Nala who we first met?

DOUG: No, she's still going, she has the energy, it's amazing. She hasn't lost a step.

BOYD: Is she still riding the elevator?

DOUG: Yes, she does. She has the run of the house. When I punch in, she goes her way. I see her in the middle of the day or when it's time to leave. 

BOYD: What was the aftermath of that story?

DOUG: I never dreamed it would get that big. We got letters from Holland, Greece, Germany. They send toys all the time. I haven't bought anything for her for in years. It's just amazing what this little dog has done.

BOYD: Doug, this has been so much fun catching up.

DOUG: Thank you.

BOYD: I hope Nala gets back to work soon.

DOUG: She will, thank you sir.

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