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'Land of 10,000 Stories' honored for excellence in journalism

KARE 11's own 'Land of 10,000 Stories' is the recipient of the Sigma Delta Chi Award for feature reporting.
Boyd Huppert

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - Boyd Huppert's "Land of 10,000 Stories" series is being honored by The Society of Professional Journalists. The series received the 2018 Sigma Delta Chi Award for feature reporting.

The entry featured two stories. "Hudayfi" introduced a young Somali man who mentors kids at a Burnsville elementary school. "Playing His Dues" featured a man who was medically unable to serve in Vietnam and now plays taps at veterans' funerals.

Honored along with Boyd Huppert are the photojournalists who helped bring these stories to the screen, Chad Nelson, Jeff Wiltgen, Ferlon Webster, Jr., Adam Jukkola and Jason Steussy.

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