ROBBINSDALE, Minn. -- Dragon Nails in Robbinsdale is known for providing manicures and pedicures. But owner Kim Le said requests for eyelash extensions have increased.

It’s one of her most popular services. Le is a licensed cosmetologists and esthetician. And now, the Minnesota Board of Cosmetology wants anyone applying eyelashes to have that license and training.

The Board of Cosmetology has been updating its rules for the past two years. Right now that service doesn’t clearly fall under cosmetology in the state.

For example, in order to help consumers and licensees, the board wants to list various services that fall under the definition of cosmetology. One change includes regulating eyelash extensions and requiring a minimum of 600 hours of training. But some local business owners only want to provide eyelash extensions and said they don't want to take the full training.

Republican Rep. Mary Franson introduced a bill that would limit the hours of training for those who only want to provide eyelash extensions. Franson doesn’t want the training to exceed eight hours.

“I am bringing this bill forward to save jobs and to save women from closing shop and going back to school and spending thousands of dollars,” she told a committee.

Licensing Division Manager Catrina Mairos said the board is neutral on the proposed bill but has concerns about hours of training.

“That would mean that any infection or control training for these eyelash extension services couldn't be more than eight hours,” she said. “That doesn't seem like a properly vetted amount of education.”