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Woman files lawsuit over alleged camera in Snap Fitness changing room

A criminal charge has been filed in the 2019 incident, but on New Year's Eve the woman filed a civil lawsuit as well.
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ANNANDALE, Minn. — A Minnesota woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that she used a Snap Fitness changing room and later discovered a hidden camera.

The lawsuit was filed on Dec. 31, 2020, in Wright County District Court. It names Randall Roiger, his Snap Fitness franchise in Annandale, Minnesota, and Snap Fitness, Inc.

Terressa Trattles, who filed the lawsuit, said in the filing that she joined the Annandale Snap Fitness on Jan. 7, 2019. She said she bought a tanning package, and used a "changing section" to undress before heading to the tanning bed on multiple occasions.

Trattles said in the lawsuit that on Jan. 18, she looked up and discovered a pinhole camera in the booth.

According to a criminal complaint filed March 22, 2019 in Wright County District Court, Annandale Police responded to the Snap Fitness the next morning. The customer who called them told police that she had found a camera after pulling back some tape. She said she had seen the tape on the ceiling the previous week as well.

The criminal complaint states that police found a wireless camera at the top of the booth, and an iPad on Roiger's desk served as the monitor for the camera. According to the complaint, Roiger told police that he put the camera up there, to keep "unauthorized users who don't pay for the service from using the tanning booth."

Roigers told police the app on the iPad shows the feed but did not allow for recording or photographs to be captured. According to the complaint, he said he watched the video to make sure individuals had purchased tanning booth minutes, and "quit watching" when people started undressing.

Roigers was charged with one count of installing or using a surreptitious device in a tanning booth "or other place where a reasonable person would have an expectation of privacy," a gross misdemeanor.

On Monday, Roigers told KARE 11 by phone that he has not done anything unlawful. He said he pleaded not guilty to the criminal charge, and is fighting the lawsuit.

The Wright County Attorney's Office confirmed that the criminal case is ongoing.

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