ROGERS, Minn. - A fire at a well-known horse farm in Rogers not only seriously injured a man, but it killed three horses.

The owner of Grace Farms Chris Leatherdale was injured while trying to save his horses from the fire. He is recovering, but there's a lot of work to be done to help his surviving horses as well.

Communities throughout the region are coming together to support the horses in need of homes.

Andrea Keacher, Boulder Pointe Horse Farm owner says, “It means the world. It almost makes me cry to watch him walk around and be so happy when he was so close to not making it,” as she watches one of the horses.

Micah is a 25-year-old Hanoverian horse. He has seen his fair share of green pastures, but today’s blue skies and green hills are perhaps Heaven on Earth for this beloved horse.

“And he’s breathing fresh air now. It’s huge and it makes it so fulfilling and it’s part of the reason why I do what I do and I try to give back as much as I can,” explains, Keacher, who has taken in four horses.

Jersey, Skipp, Micah and Cody were rescued from Grace Farms on Monday.

“It’ll take about four to six weeks for these horses to have their full bodies, systems kind of regenerate. And have them back to their normal states.”

Keacher is collecting donations to help for the horses.

“Lot of basic horse supplies like fly sheets, head gear, boots, saddles – anything, because they literally have nothing,” says Keacher.