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Man says he was drugged, robbed at gunpoint in Minneapolis

Shea Mandli went out for dinner with friends on Jan. 28 and says his evening turned life-threatening. He is sharing his story to raise awareness.

MINNEAPOLIS — Minneapolis Police are investigating an alleged aggravated robbery that happened early on Sunday, Jan. 29. According to the police report filed on Jan. 30, Shea Mandli told officers he was robbed of items at gunpoint. 

Mandli's video on TikTok goes into much more detail. 

"I was put into a vehicle, held with a weapon. Driven to a bank. Robbed of my phone. Car Keys. Made me pull cash out," Mandli said. 

He believes he was drugged at a bar in the North Loop just as he was about to pay his tab early Sunday morning around 1 a.m. He said his friends walked out before he paid, and when he walked outside of the bar alone, two men approached him and held him at gunpoint telling him to get into their car. 

He says he was driven to a US Bank location in south Minneapolis and the men asked him to take money out, but his card didn't work.

Mandli shared his bank statement with KARE that showed attempted transactions Sunday at 1:24 a.m. and 1:28 a.m. but they were both declined. 

Mandli says the men who forced him into the car then let him out in south Minneapolis, but kept his brand-new iPhone which is valued at around $1,000. 

"Gave them everything. I was in survival mode of, 'I just want to live from the situation,' more than anything," Mandli said. 

He says he then walked back to try and find his car in the North Loop. It was just after 6:30 a.m. when Mandli knocked on the window of Fuzzy's Taco Shop and was let inside by an employee.

"He gave me a coke and offered me food. He then let me borrow his phone to call my friends, but no one answered because it was so early. He then helped me get an Uber back home," Mandli explained. 

The man who helped him is Ed Pittsley. He declined a camera interview for the story, but sent KARE a statement: 

"I was at the right place at the right time to be of assistance. We would happily extend a helping hand to our North Loop neighbors."

Mandli says without Pittsley's help, he questions if he would be alive. 

"It felt like -50 outside. My feet were frozen," Mandli said. 

His nightmare didn't end there. 

The next morning, he says he turned on one of his old phones and saw his Apple ID's password was changed. He logged into an internet browser to see someone used his Venmo, Facebook, Apple Pay, and Uber to make charges up to $2,303.61. 

He says he is working with his bank to recoup the losses and has forwarded all of the information to MPD. 

Police are accepting tips at Crime Stoppers of Minnesota.

If you have experienced a robbery or assault like this in Minneapolis within the last two years, submit a tip to KARE11. 

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