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Minneapolis goes to one-sided street parking Thursday night, St. Paul is status quo

Officials announced that parking on non-snow emergency routes in Minneapolis will be one-sided beginning Thursday at 9 p.m. due to snow-narrowed streets.

MINNEAPOLIS — Drastic times call for drastic measures. 

Minneapolis officials announced that parking on city streets will be one-sided beginning Thursday at 9 p.m. due to heavy snowfall so far this winter.

The new parking restrictions were detailed by Minneapolis Public Works Director Margaret Anderson Kelliher in a news conference Wednesday.  

"I'm just going to acknowledge that this is inconvenient for people and we understand that," Anderson Kelliher said.

Beginning Thursday night, parking will not be allowed on the EVEN side of streets designated as non-snow emergency routes. Parking is allowed on Snow Emergency routes, parkways and ODD numbered side of non-Snow Emergency routes, unless otherwise posted. Drivers who do not follow the temporary restrictions could be ticketed and towed. 

So far, public works officials say plow drivers have had to deal with 52 inches of snow so far this season, and the heavy accumulation has significantly narrowed streets. That poses a safety hazard when emergency vehicles cannot navigate these streets to reach people who need assistance.

The one-sided parking plan is being enacted to help emergency vehicles and school buses pass through streets that have become clogged with snow.

City leaders say the one-sided parking will stay in effect until April 1 unless the weather warms up and melts enough snow and ice that they feel comfortable ending restrictions early. 

The last time the city went to one-sided parking was 2019.

The one-sided parking will not affect snow emergency routes. Residents will be able to park on both sides of the street of those routes. They will be marked with signs and officials say about 30% of the city streets are designated snow emergency routes.

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