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Residents in south Minneapolis neighborhood push MPD for camera after shooting caught on tape

Over the weekend, a doorbell camera captured a brutal shooting of a man on the street in Midtown, Minneapolis.

MINNEAPOLIS — On a doorbell camera video captured Sunday morning at about 12:30 a.m., an SUV is seen quickly pulling up from the alley, then a muzzle flash and gunshot, and a man who was walking on the street falls to the ground as the SUV squeals away.

Kiara Anzures was one of the people who called 911.

"It was just really, I guess, traumatizing, you know?" she said.

Kiara's front-row view to the aftermath is a culmination of what she says has been a year of lawlessness on her street.

"You see prostitutes, drug deals — you literally see everything here. And it's just so weird," she said.

She lives on 14th Avenue South just north of East Lake Street. Kiara's family has lived there for 19 years — most of which she says have been quiet, aside from fun celebrations on Lake Street.

But beginning last summer, right outside her window, she says it turned into daily, brazen, open-air drug dealing.

"They even bragged about it to me. They showed me money and said, 'We don't care what you say about us or think about us. I have all of this and at the end of the day this is where business it at, because it's Lake Street,'" Kiara said. 

Kiara and others on the block have been fighting for the Minneapolis Police Department to install a camera in hopes of breaking up the criminal activity — or at least pushing it away.

"As long as it's not on our block. I'm pretty sure they'll just move somewhere else, but if a camera can help us, I'd definitely appreciate it," Kiara said.

After what happened over the weekend, she just longs for that feeling what the neighborhood used to be.

Minneapolis police say the shooting victim is in the hospital fighting for his life. No arrests have been made. 

Additionally, they say the intersection of Lake Street and 14th Avenue is on the list of locations to put a camera.

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