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Minneapolis settles lawsuit with injured demonstrator

Graciela Cisneros was wounded when Minneapolis police fired a projectile at her during protests following the death of George Floyd.
Credit: Associated Press
Graciela Cisneros settled a lawsuit with the city of Minneapolis after she was struck by a police projectile while protesting the death of George Floyd.

MINNEAPOLIS — The city of Minneapolis has settled the first lawsuit by a demonstrator injured by a police projectile during violent protests that followed the death of George Floyd. 

Twenty-two-year-old Graciela Cisneros will receive a payment of $57,900 for injuries to her face when a police officer fired a non-lethal round at her May 29 as she walked home from a demonstration. 

Cisneros’ cheekbone was broken and her injury required stitches. She was not arrested. 

Days of civil unrest followed the May 25 death of Floyd, a Black man, at the hands of Minneapolis police. Four officers have been charged in his death including Derek Chauvin, who is white and knelt on Floyd's neck while he lay handcuffed in the street.

Cisneros is among a number of demonstrators and journalists who were hurt by authorities in the Floyd demonstrations. 


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