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Minnesota Poll: Approval ratings for both Walz, Biden dip below 50%

A new KARE 11/MPR News/Star Tribune/FRONTLINE Minnesota Poll found Gov. Tim Walz's approval rating dipped 16 points from May of 2020.
Credit: KARE 11

MINNESOTA, USA — Support for Governor Tim Walz has slipped in Minnesota while slightly more voters say they're unhappy with President Joe Biden's job performance after nine months in the White House, according to a new KARE 11/MPR News/Star Tribune/FRONTLINE Minnesota Poll .

The poll, conducted by Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy, interviewed 800 registered voters across the state of Minnesota between Sept. 13-15. The poll has a standard +/- 3.5% margin of error.


Credit: KARE 11

Minnesota voters gave Governor Tim Walz a 49% approval rating in Sept. 2021, while 44% said they don't approve of his performance as governor.

Walz's approval rating is down from Sept. 20, 2020, when 57% of voters gave his job performance a thumbs up. In May 2020 with the pandemic just beginning, Walz's approval rating had reached 65%.

Democratic voters are standing behind Walz; 89% endorsed the governor while just 6% said they don't approve of his performance. Republicans were tougher on Walz, with an 11% approval rating and 81% disapproving.

Walz found more support among younger voters, female voters and those polled in Hennepin and Ramsey counties.

Sixty-two percent of 18-34-year-olds approve of Walz, 29% disapprove and 9% said they're not sure how they feel. Voters ages 50-64 had the lowest approval for Walz at 42%.

Support among women was nearly double that of men. Sixty-three percent of female voters are happy with Walz's performance, 30% are not and 7% are unsure. Male voters gave Walz a 34% approval rating, with 59% expressing their disapproval and 7% unsure.

In Hennepin County and Ramsey Counties Walz racked up a 68% approval rating. A quarter of voters in those counties said they don't approve of his job performance. The numbers supporting Walz were lower across Minnesota, with 42% approval in the metro suburbs, 36% in southern Minnesota and 40% in northern Minnesota.


Credit: KARE 11

Democratic President Joe Biden's approval rating is slightly lower than Gov. Tim Walz's among Minnesota voters, and more voters actually say they don't approve of Biden's performance as Commander in Chief.

Statewide, 47% of voters approve of Biden's performance, 51% disapprove and just 2% said they're unsure of their opinion.

When looking at separate demographics, Minnesotans reflected similar views on both Walz and Biden. Each leader found more support in the Twin Cities metro, among young voters, women and voters in their own party.

Sixty-nine percent of Hennepin/Ramsey county voters approve of Biden's performance as president, compared to 38% in the metro suburbs, 33% in southern Minnesota and 35% in northern Minnesota.

Democrats gave Biden a 93% approval rating, while on the other end of the spectrum just 4% of Republicans are happy with his job in the White House. Independents didn't give Biden a strong endorsement either with 34%.

Minnesotans who voted for Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election are mostly happy with their pick. Biden has an 86% approval rating among Minnesotans who voted for him. Those who voted for Donald Trump in November 2020 gave Biden an 8% approval rating.

More men disapprove of Biden's job performance (70%) than women (34%), and while 62% of young voters (18-34) are happy with the president thus far, support significantly drops among older voters. By age, the lowest approval rating came from those 50-64 at 38%. People 35-49 came in with 48% approval, and seniors 65 and older reported 44%.

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