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Minnesotans welcome the changing of the seasons

Following a long, snowy season, signs of spring and sunshine brought Minnesotans outdoors on Sunday.

MINNEAPOLIS — "It's like, it's like... it feels so good. I've been trapped in the house and it feels so good!" said Evan Khoury. 

Sunday brought evidence of a change in seasons at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis.

"Finally able to get outside the house, ya know, from a long winter," said Jabir Dukuly, taking photos of Minnehaha Falls.

Ranae Anderson also enjoyed a walk outside around the park.

"Even walking from our car up to here, hearing it before you see it is exciting," Anderson said, talking about the roaring falls.

"All the snow melted and now it's coming down," said Ellie Khoury also talking about Minnehaha Falls.

From flowing falls to flowing out the door, ice cream is a hit in Wayzata.

"We just tend to see a lot more people around in downtown Wayzata. A lot more people are walking by, too," said Ben & Jerry’s Employee Lucy Troyak.

Folks seemed to enjoy every second of sun before the work week begins.

"I think they call it the Scandinavian Minnesotan-style optimistic; we know we're going to get some more. It doesn't matter... The snow is going down, the weather is getting nice and I'm happy," said Tim McQuillan.

All these feelings of relief are probably explained by new a statistic from the National Weather Service Twin Cities, we've been through the 9th longest stretch of having at least inch of snow in the Twin Cities, in Minnesota history.

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