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Caring for your holiday poinsettias

Bachman's offers recommendations for how to best care for poinsettias to ensure they look beautiful through the end of the season.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Poinsettias are part of the Christmas holiday decorating tradition for many homes and businesses.

Bachman’s farm in Lakeville, Minnesota, grows more than 60,000 poinsettias every year. Bachman's started propagating and growing the plants in 1931. Today, they grow more than 40 varieties in several different sizes, making it easy to find the right poinsettia to fit your space and style. Look for traditional red, pink, and white, as well as sparkling novelty poinsettias painted in popular hues of purple, blue, orange, and more.

If you’re filling your home with poinsettias for the holidays, Bachman's offers these recommendations for how to best care for them to ensure they look beautiful long through the end of the season:

Start strong. To select a healthy poinsettia, look for one with lots of dark green foliage and color. The yellow flowers in the center of the foliage should be small and bright.

Think light. Keep your plant in a room with strong, indirect light to ensure it maintains its bold color.

Water regularly. Your poinsettia prefers evenly moist soil, but not standing water. Plan on watering it about two to three times a week.

Stay warm. The ideal temperature for a poinsettia is 60 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your poinsettia protected from anything significantly colder or warmer, such as air ducts or radiators.

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