Experts agree that by the second week of January, most people have abandoned their New Year's resolutions. 

That's because they're unrealistic, beyond their capabilities and often just too many in number. Ambitious resolutions are bound to fail because they're impractical, complicated and time-consuming.

Registered dietitian Pat Baird joined us to discuss her top three tips to keep on track and be successful in keeping health goals. 

Begin with breakfast!

  • It's important for people of *all* ages - not just kids
  • The latest Dietary Guidelines emphasize this is #1 way to lose weight and decades of research show myriad of benefits
  • Breakfast eaters lose weight more efficiently; maintain it more effectively
  • Breakfast improves focus and concentration; reduces absenteeism
  • Make it simple with cereal and milk to get the benefits of fiber, vitamins and minerals

Eat with color

  • The National Cancer Institute, Dietary Guidelines for Americans and other support research that shows a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables to maintain health and prevent chronic disease
  • Pigments contain beneficial antioxidants that protect cells, boost the immune system and promote health
  • Red, green, yellow, white, orange etc. are essential - include with every meal and snack
  • Frozen (yes, frozen) are loaded with nutrition, and economical in the off-season

Get more sleep

  • The National Institutes of Health research shows people (adults AND kids) who are sleep deprived weigh more, have diminished focus and concentration, have more chronic diseases, and get into more accidents, etc.
  • Seven to nine hours is the recommended amount
  • Make it a priority
  • Set a time, write it down, follow it - not just whenever you get to it
  • No electronics in the bedroom or texting under the covers!