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How to make sure your home is ready for storm season

All Around founder Charles Thayer shares tips for preparation, and what to do right after a storm.

Summer storm season is upon us, and it's a good time for homeowners to make sure they're prepared in case of storm damage.

All Around founder Charles Thayer recommends a few simple preps for any home:

  • Make sure any large, loose items are tied down, like patio furniture or trampolines.
  • Trim tree branches near your home or touching your home, which could break off in a storm.
  • Develop a relationship with your insurance agent, and meet once a year to go over your policy.

If you do experience storm damage at your home, Thayer says, in most cases, you don't need to rush to get repairs done. Instead of rushing to sign with the first contractor who knocks on your door, Thayer recommends doing your research.

"Most storms aren't going to cause so much damage that you have to immediately do something," Thayer said. "You want to make sure you pick somebody who's reputable and that you can count on. You have time to do that."

Thayer recommends having a short list of trusted, vetted contracts you can call in case of storm damage. Many contractors also offer a courtesy inspection to estimate repair costs before filing an insurance claim.

Thayer also notes that most insurance policies allow one to two years to file a storm damage claim.

While some storm damage can be obvious, like broken windows, missing siding, or missing shingles, some damage can be difficult to spot, like hail damage.

"I really recommend getting a good local contractor, somebody you can trust, to come out and search for that hail damage, because it can also be dangerous to climb on top of your roof," Thayer said.

If you have something that needs immediate attention, most contractors do offer emergency services.

For more information about All Around and its services can be found on its website at allaround.com.

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