GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — If you, or someone you know, will be graduating from school in the coming weeks, now is the time to be planning your job search. Even if your plans call for taking time off before you start your search, laying the basic groundwork will result in making it easier to find the job you want. Plus, be aware of the following job search trends for new grads:

A recent study showed that employers plan to hire 12.5% more graduates from the Class of 2019 for U.S. positions, than they did from the Class of 2018, according to the results of the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Job Outlook 2019 Spring Update survey.

Employers and recruitment analysts are calling the 2019 job market “the best of all time” for recent graduates. Technology, accounting, marketing, manufacturing and healthcare fields have strong job growth and present the best opportunities for new grads. Wage and compensation trends continue to increase over 2018, so make sure you check many online salary surveys for the position you are looking for. Ted Chalupsky, president and founder of The Right Staff offers these suggestions:

Your resume:

The first basic building block for your job search is still your personal resume’.

The resume’ should be no more than two pages long and contain the following information:

-Your name

-Your email address and phone number

-Your LinkedIn profile address

-The type of position you are looking for

-Your work history or relevant experience, including internships

-Your education background

-Relevant activities and accomplishments

And make sure you review your resume’ with a human resources professional, a professional recruiter or placement office member.

Job search tips:

Establish a LinkedIn profile, or polish-up your existing profile

Utilize your school’s placement office and attend job fairs

Practice and role play your interviewing skills

Research and target companies that offer the type of job you want

Get started NOW!

Ted Chalupsky is President and Found of The Right Staff, a professional employment services firm specializes in recruiting and placing candidates on project, project-to-hire, or direct hire basis. To contact The Right Staff please call 952-546-1100 or visit them online at the