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Twin Cities company offers strap-free face masks

The Keep It With You mask sits around the wearer's neck when it's not in use.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — With experts anticipating that people may be wearing face masks for months to come, one Twin Cities company is trying to offer a unique option.

Keep It With You (KIWY) masks do not have straps that go around the wearer's ears or the back of their head. Instead, it sits around the neck, and can be pulled up around the nose and mouth when it's needed. 

The concept was initially developed with salon patrons in mind, due to Co-Founder David McClellan’s background in the salon industry. After testing and selling it, he realized it held a broader appeal for other people who find the ear loops on most masks uncomfortable.

According to McClellan, KIWY masks have been well received.

"People really love this design," he said. "It’s perfect for going in and out of places where you need to, or are required to, wear masks, like the grocery store or work. We’ve also heard from many seniors who love the 'no ear loops' design. For those who wear glasses and hearing aids, struggling with the ear straps can be extremely frustrating. When they put those traditional masks on and off, they would knock out hearing aids or glasses, and this design doesn’t interfere with any of those things."

KIWY Masks are available for retail purchase at kiwymask.com. A wholesale program is also available for larger quantities with discounted rates.