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Local organizer offers tips for 'tidying up'

Don't just sit and watch TV and do nothing, keep busy organizing.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — Millions have been inspired to declutter their homes and lives after watching the Netflix series "Tidying up with Marie Kondo."

Louise Kurzeka from the Minnesota chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing professionals (NAPO) offers these easy steps to get you started.

Photos – Whether old-time photographs or digital images, we can all agree we have enough blurred, poorly lit, unknown persons and just bad images to fill a large garbage bin. While Marie is talking about how to fold your socks, take a box of photographs and one at a time make just one decision – keep or go. Those that go, toss into the trash or hit the delete button. For those to keep, place in another photo box labeled “sorted to keep." Now photos have been prepped for the next step, and all are winners. The bonus - you’ve freed up space both in your closet and phone.

Unread Magazines and Newspapers – What better time than TV time to browse through that stack of magazines and newspapers that piled during the busy holiday season. While Marie chats up the idea of keeping only books that give you a thrill of pleasure when touched, pull out magazine and newspaper pages you want to keep for reference by sorting them into categorized expanding files or magazine file holders. Labeled categories might include Recipes, Fashion, Beauty and Home Care.

Jewelry – Similar to clothing, jewelry follows trends. So likely you have out-of-fashion pieces collecting dust. As Marie tutors you on what to do with tangled mystery cords, you can untangle that mess of necklaces at the bottom of the jewelry box. While you are at it, decide which bracelets, earrings and necklaces you actually use and which could be passed on for donation. Do this a category at a time, placing the keepers in a more user-friendly see-through organizer tray (think crafting containers) that visually display your personal ornaments, waiting for selection while stored in a small dresser drawer.

For more information, contact Louise Kurzeka, Director of Marketing for NAPO Minnesota at 952-939-8080 or marketing@napominnesota.com.