GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — When it comes to some of life’s messiest circumstances, it’s hard to find a section in the greeting card aisle that expresses sadness, grief or the right kind of "I am here for you" message.  Job loss or promotion rejection. Cancer diagnosis. Pregnancy loss/infertility issues. Divorce.  These are hard things to talk about and it can be stressful to provide the right kind of support for loved ones in these situations.

After dealing with own her private struggle, and watching others around her wanting to help, Catherine Hinz saw an unmet need and she wanted to help people.

With Beyond Words Co., she created a way for multi-sensory comfort and healing that is rooted in practicality - helping people provide support to others when they just can't find the right thing to do or say.

Her care packages that are geared towards different kinds of grief and needs.

Many items are Minnesota-made and they are meant to be consumed or recycled.