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Peace Coffee's tips for upping your coffee game this National Coffee Day

What's in your cup this morning?

There are a lot of holidays coming up, but don't forget about the most warm and delicious one: National Coffee Day.

Peace Coffee has some tips for upping your at-home coffee game on Sept. 29, the day dedicated to our favorite breakfast brew.

Jackson O'Brien, Peace Coffee's head barista, says first of all, ignore all the pretense about which way of drinking coffee is "proper."

"How you drink coffee is not the same way I might drink coffee, but that’s OK," O'Brien says. "Live a fun and delicious life, and if that’s drinking pumpkin spice lattes, that’s just dandy."

Of course he adds, "As long as you make them with Peace Coffee."

O'Brien visited KARE 11 News at 4 Tuesday to demonstrate how to make a harvest moon latte in your own kitchen.

Peace Coffee offers more tips on brewing at home on their website, with guides for making a perfect French press, pour over, Chemex, cold press and more. They also have recipes for at-home pumpkin spice lattes, chocolate hazelnut lattes and smoothies.

Another way to up your game, according to O'Brien? Think about what you're putting in your cup.

Peace Coffee gets its coffee beans from lasting partnerships with farmer cooperatives. As a "B Corporation," they are a "socially conscious coffee roasting company," donating three cents for every pound purchased back into coffee farming communities.

According to O'Brien, online coffee sales are spiking, along with home brewing equipment purchases. Monthly coffee subscriptions have doubled and five-pound bag bean sales have tripled. That's not surprising considering how many more people are working - and drinking coffee - from home these days.

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