Join Melina Lamer as she shakes up your favorite cocktail (and mocktail!) recipes with Superior Switchel, a deliciously refreshing 100% organic sparkling apple cider vinegar drink that originated in the 17th century. What is a switchel? Switchel is a non-alcoholic elixir from the colonial era made with four  ingredients: water, ginger, apple-cider-vinegar and an unrefined sweetener like honey or maple syrup. A great base for mixing drinks at home, it’s filled with electrolytes which makes it the perfect hangover cure too!

Superior Switchel flavors: 

●    Honey Cinnamon Kick: Cinnamon combines with apple cider vinegar, ginger and honey to create an invigorating, cider-like drink. ( Great warmed up in beverages too!) 

●    Orange Maple Splash: A fragrant brew of fresh ginger and sweet oranges blended with maple syrup to provide a light and smooth refresher. 

●    Lavender Lemon Lift: Deliciously bright and refreshing. This flavor combines a crisp ginger bite with soothing citrus and lavender notes-- perfect in chilled drinks.

Recipes for demonstration:

- Cinnamon Apple:

●    1 oz Prairie Organic Gin 

●    1/2 oz Aperol 4 oz Honey Cinnamon Kick Superior Switchel 

●    1 Tbsp honey Honey Crisp apple, cubed Apple slices, for garnish 

DIRECTIONS: Add apple cubes to shaker and muddle. Add the rest of the ingredients and ice. Shake well. Pour into lowball glass and garnish with apple slices.

- Superior Vodka Old Fashioned

●    1 oz Prairie Organic Vodka 

●    3 oz Orange Maple Splash Superior Switchel 

●    Angostura bitters 

●    Splash of Maraschino cherry juice 

●    Maraschino cherry + orange peel, for garnish

DIRECTIONS: Add vodka, bitters and Maraschino cherry juice to lowball glass filled with ice. Stir well. Top with Superior Switchel and stir again until incorporated. Garnish with cherry and orange zest.  

- Cucumber + Lavender Spritz 

●    2 oz Prairie Organic Cucumber Flavored Vodka 

●    4 oz Lavender Lemon Lift Superior Switchel 

●    1/2 oz fresh-squeezed lemon juice 

●    1-2 sprigs fresh mint 

●    1-2 slices cucumber Lemons + lavender, for garnish

DIRECTIONS: In a shaker, muddle mint leaves and cucumber. Add vodka, Superior Switchel and lemon juice. Shake with ice until mixed. Pour into collins glass with ice. Garnish with lemon and lavender. 

- Switchel Palmer: a switchel twist on an Arnold Palmer! 

Muddle 8 mint leaves and ¼ of fresh lime in a glass

Add ice

Add 3 oz Lavender Lemon Superior Switchel

and 3 oz unsweetened black or green tea

Garnish with a lemon wedge