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Starkey unveils new technology to help caregivers

A new hearing aid is tied to an app which can share information with pre-selected people.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn — February 21 is National Caregivers Day, a role occupied by more than a half-million people in Minnesota who provide unpaid care for a loved one.

Starkey audiologist Dr. Sara Burdak says new technology can help make that job a little easier.

"Caregivers can still provide quality care for a loved one without always needing to be in the same room," Burdak said. "At Starkey, we’re set to release new technology with the caregiver in mind."

One of those new tech offerings is the Our Thrive Care App, which ties in to Starkey's new Livio Edge AI hearing aid, allowing those wearing the hearing aid to share health information with preselected people.

The app can share physical activity, hearing aid usage, and social engagement.

"So, if my mom hasn’t had a conversation today, I know to pick up the phone," Burdak said. "This will help bring peace of mind, confidence and independence to those with hearing loss and their loved ones."

In addition, Starkey's hearing aid technology can also detect falls and send an alert to a preselected contact.

"When technology helps individuals live more independent lives, caregivers will see the benefit, too," Burdak said.

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