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Tips for returning to a changing workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic

Versique offers tips on how to communicate with employees and provide a safe space to work.

MINNEAPOLIS — The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work for the present.

But it could also have a lasting impact on our jobs in the future. According to Fortune, many Americans think that not only the "how" and "where" of their work will change, but also the skills they need to do it.

HR and recruitment expert Chris Dardis from Versique Search and Consulting has some tips on how business leaders can make the transition back to the office - if and when they choose to do it - more seamless for employees.

  • Have a detailed return-to-work plan
    • Leaders have to not only have a solid plan, but also give employees plenty of time to adjust to what it will look like.
    • Stop striving to get back to the way things were, because that's not going to happen.
    • If you rush back to the office, employees will likely feel like they're not being heard.
  • Put safety measures in place
    • First and foremost, follow CDC and public health guidance.
    • In the Twin Cities, that means wearing a mask while walking around the office.
    • Versique also utilizes daily health screenings for employees coming into the office.
  • Communicate as often as possible
    • Communication and conversations should be happening at every level with front-line managers.
    • This might mean one-on-one conversations with each employee to see what works for them and to make sure they're comfortable.
    • Employees should communicate their unique situations, not assume their employers know.
  • Lead with trust and empathy
    • Understand that everyone's experience and situation is different.
    • Lead by example and with compassion.
    • Think of Brene Brown's words: "I'm not here to be right, I'm here to get it right."

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