GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. - As we enter the holiday season, the National Retail Federation reports the nation’s largest retailers are expected to convert over 30% or more of the people hired for project or holiday jobs to full-time jobs.

Ted Chalupsky, President and Founder of The Right Staff, says many of these positions will have opportunities for advancement and a solid career path. Retailers like The Home Depot, for example, have converted nearly half of all seasonal employees to permanent staffers in the past.

The economy and the job market are forecast to stay healthy into 2019, so odds are high your seasonal job could very well turn into a full-time job, with the help of the following strategy:

1. Go above and beyond. There are a variety of seasonal jobs posted right now. Make sure that you don't check out early in the game. Make an effort to go above and beyond in the service you provide. Managers want to hire someone they can rely on to treat customers well or get projects finished, so prove that you are the right person for a full time job

2. Be upfront. Let your manager know you are really looking for a full time job. Your manager will know your intentions and keep you in mind for any full time positions. Make sure your attitude reflects your desire to work with the company long term.

3. Network with other employees.Make sure you become a team player and interact with the full-time employees of the company. Winning over this group of people will enable them to become an advocate for you when hiring decisions are made.

4. Don't be passive. Being proactive will get you noticed by the people who make the hiring decisions. If someone calls in sick, don't hesitate to volunteer to cover that shift. Ask to lend a hand on any additional projects. And if you find yourself with idle time, ask for additional work.

Although many people take seasonal positions to earn extra spending cash for the holidays, knowing that an employer may be looking at you as a candidate for a full-time position is extra incentive. Be sure you check out the possibilities, because you may find your dream job under the tree this Christmas, starting with a seasonal job.