GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. — With more and more stop arm violations being reported each year, KARE 11 News is digging into this issue and will present a half-hour special to showcase the growing concern in Minnesota communities.

It's a simple law to follow, really. When you a see a school bus stopped with its red flashing light blinking and its stop arm out, you... the driver... must stop. It's the law. But we're hearing of so many cases of drivers speeding on through, and putting kids in danger.

KARE 11's Ellery McCardle has been covering this issue for years and feels passionate about showing the impact its having on Minnesota families and their communities. On Labor Day, join her for this half-hour special. You'll see I how big this problem is, and what some Minnesota communities are doing to get drivers to follow the law. 

Ellery also wants to hear from you, to learn where in your neighborhood you're seeing stop arm violations. Reach out to her on Twitter @ElleryTV by using the hashtag #Brake4Buses. You can also email at

Why not start of the school year right and keep kids safe at their bus stops.

You can catch #Brake4Buses on Labor Day at 6:30 p.m. on KARE 11 News.