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Beard Growing Competition is bristling with opportunity for the Saint Paul Winter Carnival

The organizers of your favorite winter carnival created a special competition and fundraiser that's a cut above the rest, on this week's Communities that KARE.

SAINT PAUL, Minnesota — It's a competition that would make Paul Bunyan proud.

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival is holding its first Beard Growing Competition.

Lisa Jacobson, President of the Saint Paul Festival and Heritage Foundation, came up with the idea.

She says there are three categories. The first is the clean shave category where you don't have a beard and have 30 days, from Jan. 4 to Feb. 4, to grow one. 

The second is for those who already have a beard, also known as the lumberjack category.

"The third category is for people like me who couldn't grow a beard if I tried, but I can make one. So that is the freestyle category, and I'm looking forward to making a beard," said Jacobson.

Tinsel, wool, wire, anything goes.

The 'stache' of funds go towards keeping the Carnival part of Saint Paul's legacy.

"One of the struggles that we have with putting on a large community festival is paying for it. We try to keep as many elements free to the community," said Jacobson. That includes the King Boreas Grande Day Parade and the Torchlight parade.

"We need all the help we can get to keep those things happening, and people love them. They'll be sad if they go away."

So that means a bristling challenge, one Jacobson would love to see the brewery scene get into.

"I would love to see like a brewery challenge another brewery or multiple breweries to grow their beards longer and raise more money than the others." 

There's a Clean Shave Event at Mamma T's Castle Tap in Saint Paul (2500 Rice Street) from 5-8 p.m. Tuesday to get people started.

You need to register by Tuesday, Jan. 4 to participate in this particular category.

Find more information about the 2022 Winter Carnival here

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