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Black-owned wellness center in Minneapolis invites people to let down physically, emotionally

Wellness Paradigm is hoping to help heal a community from the inside out.

MINNEAPOLIS — In the heart of the Kingsfield neighborhood in Minneapolis sits Wellness Paradigm, a new Black-owned wellness center hoping to help heal a community from the inside out.

Owner Kinshasha Kambui has been active in the wellness community for decades, and says she wants to share what she knows with the community she loves. 

Kambui says her community has endured its fair share of stress. It's left many community members with mental, emotional and physical anguish.

"We can't do anything if we're not well," said Kambui. "Self-care and wellness became especially prevalent when George Floyd was killed. There was so much going on for such a long period of time. People realized that they had to take care of themselves if they were going to do the work in the community."

While Kambui is passionate about healing all people, she spends a lot of time ensuring Black and brown folks have a safe place to go after moving through a world that isn't always kind.

"A lot of activists were coming to recharge," said Kambui. "We're just not welcome in those spaces or not embraced in the ways others are. That's not a barrier here. People can not only let down physically but let down emotionally, as well."

Customer Ruth Lordan says she appreciates a community gem like this.

"This is where we absolutely need this, and everybody's welcome here, and really everyone can afford it. That's a big deal," said Lordan.

It's a big deal to so many.

While Kambui says we can't do anything if we're not well, think of all the possibilities if we are.

"We've got to find ways in order to eliminate our stress and heal so that we can be our best selves for ourselves and the world," said Kambui.

Kambui offers many services, including colon hydrotherapy, foot detoxification and therapeutic massages. Click here to learn more.

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